Show and sell art directly at The Secret Art Fair

Are you a professional artist looking for more places to exhibit and sell work to an art buying public?


Taking part in The Secret Art Fair has multiple benefits for participating artists, these include:

  1. The opportunity to present and sell work directly to the targeted art buying public

  2. The chance to exhibit in The Minories, Colchester's oldest and most reputable art gallery

  3. Having work featured on this website, and in the wide reaching marketing and press campaign

  4. Unlimited invitations to the Launch event

  5. Being able to reach new audiences and building contacts in the Essex area

  6. Networking with fellow artists

  7. Developing your sales skills

Whether you are an established or aspiring professional artist, join us at the only art fair in Essex. Apply using the linked online form below for a chance to take part.


Apply Here

The deadline for applications and payments is 31st October 2020. 

Artists FAQ

Here are the answers to some common questions interested artists have asked: 

Frequently asked questions

What does the pitch fee include?

Participating artists pay a pitch fee to exhibit within the art fair, where they represent themselves to the visiting public. The fee includes the use of the allocated space during the opening hours of the fair as well as having work featured in our wide reaching marketing and press campaign, with posts on social channels and a feature on this website. Some artists also gain from developing professional skills and confidence in presenting thier work, as well as all the contacts and leads they make. 50% of participating artists of the 2019 art fair said they expected follow-up sales.

What are the pitch fees for participating artists?

£125 for 1 meter wide wall space for three day show £225 for 2 meter wide wall space for three day show £325 for 3 meter wide wall space for three day show £425 for 4 meter wide wall space for three day show £10 each per print stand (in addition to a pitch space & to be supplied by artist)

Do the artists need to man/woman their pitches at all times?

Yes! Participating artists are required to set-up and take down their own exhibition spaces, as well as be present at the art fair for all the hours that the fair is open to the public. Essential times for artists to be present are as follows: Set-up time is Thursday the 10th December from 10am to 5pm Launch event is Thursday the 10th December from 6pm to 9pm Open to the public on Friday the 11th & Saturday the 12th December from 10am-5pm & Sunday the 13th December from 10am-4pm Take-down will be from 4pm onwards on Sunday.

Does the gallery or the organisation take a comission on sales?

No, The Secret Art Fair is based on the principle of creating opportunity for artists to reperesent themselves and sell artwork directly to the public. During the opening times of the fair, as mentioned above, no comission will be taken on any sales. However, on Friday and/or Saturday evenings from 6-9pm we will be running exclusive ticketed events during which time artists will not be present and The Secret Art Fair team will look after any enquires and sales on behalf of artists. Sales that occur during these evening events will be subject to a 25% commission.

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